Market Research

Every market has its own unique set of characteristics, opportunities and threats. Alka’s professional market research team is ready to provide its services to domestic and foreign clients and customers. Some of our services are:

  • Market Size Analysis
  • Preparation of Financial Feasibility Studies and Business Plans
  • Market Analysis (SWOT)
  • Product Introduction & Market Penetration Strategies
  • Product Promotion & Market Growth Strategies
  • Commercial Campaign Management
  • Branding and Marketing of Products & Services

Some of our Clients are:

Commercial Renting Space in Iran’s malls

One very efficient way to introduce or promote a product/service is through the  supply the present it at malls and shopping centers. Relying on our professional network of agents and contacts, Alka Company provides commercial renting stores and areas in highly visited malls and shopping centers for our clients.

We will present various options according to our customers target market and demands. This process can be integrated into the promotion strategies.

Legal Services

In order to ease our customers business experience, Alka is proud to introduce trustworthy and capable attorneys to our legal and individual clients.

Some of our services include:

  • Sales Representation Contracts
  • Registration of Trademarks and Brands
  • Legal Representation
  • Legal Documents and Contract Preparation
  • Legal Consultation


Alka’s accounting department is ready to provide accounting services to individuals and and firms. Some of our service include:

  • TAX & VAT Code Registration
  • Accounting of Books
  • Preparation of Tax Declarations
  • Product\Services Fixed Price Calculations