Alka Design Group

Helps you to feel your life

Design and Construction Group

Alka Design Group has been founded by Simin Ghalichi& Farzad Talebi in 2015 and aimes to redefine how people navigate and interact with the world around them.We’re not limited by practice or process, or bound by traditional definitionsOur interdisciplinary team is committed to create a better future with intelligent and creative design thinking. We think globally and act locally. We believe buildings should be timeless and inspiring, yet practical for both owners and occupants.

Shop and Retail Group

Shop building and kitchen material and appliances online.  Alka’s Store opened in 2015 and is currently providing a variety of products including washing closets, kitchen sinks, various floor coverings etc. to customers across the country and neighboring countries.



Investment Group

Alka’s Investment Department focuses on enabling investors and clients to define, plan towards and reach desired goals and objectives . We provide services every step of the way. Our market analysis group will execute feasibility studies. Ensuring customers a steady path forward.Our Services include  feasibility and market studies, accounting, legal representation, trade consulting etc .We aim to provide an integrated service system. Clients and Customers worldwide can always rely on us to deliver the best.